The Original Tucci Fashion

 The title "Tucci Fashion" goes back to Italy of the pre-war period, and was transported to Brussels in the 1940's. One of the activities of the earlier Tucci operations in Italy and the followup in Belgium was the production of hand-made shoes with permanent personal lasts carved from wood … Continue reading

Lots of Tuccis!

Hi there - we have been looking through the Internet and have really had some surprises recently. When we started the Tucci Fashion business, there was only one other company using the Tucci name (Yvette's family name) and that was located in South America (either Brazil or Argentina, I do not … Continue reading

No More facebook

.We tried facebook, and - well, we didn't like it all that much. But we found what we think is a better solution - we have a blog at (that really ends up on blogger) that is much easier and more flexible for us to work with. In addition, it is without all the garbage … Continue reading